Hedge Fund of the People

StrategeryCapital Management LLC

About Strategery

Strategery is a unique hedge fund.

It is the largest in the world, with expected initial capital of $700 billion. It has a free and unlimited credit line should it need more. It has no fixed mandate, though it is expected to initially focus on mortgage-backed securities. And it is the only fund backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government.

Strategery is a way for you to be more patriotic. Supporting this fund is an American duty. Many people have already taken to wearing a green, red, and blue ribbon to symbolize and broadcast their support for this newest American institution.

Click the link and then click every link you find at StrategeryCapital, especially the one at the bottom of the page. Great for an uncontrollable giggle. I think we need one right about now.

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