Batman Goes To Arby’s

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Okay okay… this video prominently features one of the fast food chains, probably engineered to ‘go viral’ as one of those newfangled marketing campaigns I’ve been reading about.

Still, it’s Batman. Short and funny as all the classic Batman episodes ever were, I present to you, via website FunnyOrDie, Batman Garage Sale with Adam West.

I don’t think anyone could ever do Batman (the series) as well as Adam West. While many actors will tell you that hugely successful roles tend to make their fans want to pigeonhole them into characters they want to leave behind, Adam West seems to have embraced the silly Batman role. Even 40-something years after the series was popular, he still brings that original freshness to the role.

You can see more Adam West (in cartoon form) playing himself as Mayor Adam West in the TV show Family Guy.

@therealadamwest – Thank you.

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