AdaptiveBlue Christmas – Next Week At Wordout!

Have a Blue, Blue Blue Blue Christmas!

Next week is AdaptiveBlue Christmas week here at Wordout! We’ll start off Monday with a quick intro to find out just who AdaptiveBlue is, and what they do. Then on Tuesday, see some of what sets AdaptiveBlue apart in the interview with Fraser Kelton, Director of Business Development. He discusses the team, the products and the vision that’s helping to usher in the next age of computing, the Semantic Web.

And that’s just the beginning. Throughout the week, we’ll be looking at SmartLinks, BlueOrganizer, SmartLink feeds and the dozens of widgets AdaptiveBlue has to offer.

The Semantic Web is something we hear alot about lately. Is it a good thing, a great thing, a scary thing? For that matter, do we even know what the heck it is? Clickback to Wordout next week and find out more.

I am Jon, and I’m looking forward to seeing you there.