What Will I See When I Look Out The Window?

Window Ride

Tune in tomorrow for an article about hippies, alternative lifestyles, saving money while eating out every meal, 48 rolls of tissue, conservation, reducing your net effect on global warming and washing pigs.
Dude! Where’s Your Fridge? Only at Wordout, tomorrow morning when you wake up.

Meanwhile, have you ever wondered what your children are doing in the back seat when they’re actually being Good? Chances are, they’re staring out the window at the scenery passing by. Click the link below to see what the world looks like from the inside of a Ford SUV, through the eyes of boy growing up in New Mexico. This is re-publlished from awhile back, but the video goes full-screen this time. I think it adds a bit to it. Maybe it’s just me, but after watching for a minute, it seems quite artistic…

I am Jon, and I’ll remember that.

.Flash footage courtesy of Evan from a long time ago….