Fake Nkosi Email

Way Too Easy

The Nkosi email is a good one. The writer has some command over the English language and, one could even argue, since he states up front that he’s from South Africa, most of his errors lend more believability to the scam. But it’s not so much grammar that exposes this scammer. There are some other clues that shed light on his dark designs.

Sometimes you can see it before you even look at the what the email says. For instance, look at the “from” line. The only part that matters is the part just before the “dot com”, in this case, “opentransfer.” That means that the guys who sent this are really from “opentransfer.com”, and not “yahoo.com”, as they lead you to believe. I’ve seen opentransfer.com mentioned in lots of spam forums, and they’re pretty well-known. So we find out in line 1 that we’re being lied to. That’s just way too easy.

It’s important to say that opentransfer.com may have nothing to do with guys who are doing the spamming and scamming. Of course, the flip side of that is, why are they allowing this illegal activity to take place on their servers? Let’s leave that, and get back to the email…

from: g_nkosixyz@yahoo.mailxyz.opentransfer.com
reply to: g_nkosixyz@yahoo.com
to: “undisclosed-recipients: ;”

But wait, you say. The “reply to” address is from Yahoo.com! Of course it is! Spammers and scammers are getting pretty sophisticated nowadays. But their limited haxorz skillz are at best, terrible. They don’t even bother trying to hide the original “from”. That wouldn’t be so hard to do. What’s interesting about this one is that later on, you’re encouraged to use a different address to respond. Finally, we see that the email is addressed to: “undisclosed recipients”. That’s almost always a bad sign.

South Africa Civil Aviation Authority
Private bag X 73,
Halfway house 1685,
TEL: +27 84 781 9295
Alternative email: gregnkosixyc@yahoo.com

Notice here yet another email address, this time listed as “alternative”. Okay, enough about addresses for a minute, let’s check out this well written scam… I’ll bold out some of the most blatant errors.


I need your reliability and trustworthiness in this transaction; I am the
financial controller of South Africa Civil Aviation Authority, and Secretary to the Contract Award Committee of my department. I have concluded arrangements with a bank director, to transfer out of this Country this US$28.5 million dollar for investment purposes. This Fund is from an over inflated invoice, arising from a contract awarded to one of our Aviation Authority contractors.

The contract has already been executed and the original contractor has been fully paid. So I have decided to transfer out of this Country 28.5m, which is the balance of the contract fund. Because of my position in the office and for the fact that I am a South Africa, it will not be possible for me to transfer such huge amount of money on my name, because, there will be a lot of question from the authority on the origin of this fund. Consequent to this reason, I require the assistance of a Foreigner, who will present himself as the contractor and beneficiary of this amount: US$28,500,000.00 (Twenty Eight Million, Five Hundred Thousand US Dollars), which will be transferred into your nominated overseas account.

I have deposited this Money with a reliable Security Company as a family valuable what twenty eight million five hundred thousand dollar for safekeeping. Moreover, this money is already covered with South Africa Civil Aviation Authority contract and completion numbers, which of course makes it easier for us to affect this transfer on your name without any questions being asked. So, this is why I need a foreigner, who will stand and act as one of our Civil Aviation Contractor to claim this fund.

As the Financial Controller, I will assist you to procure the contract completion certificate that will back up your claim as our contractor. I will also monitor the immediate remittance of the above amount. You would however, be required to furnish me with these necessary information?s to enable me install your information?s into our computer data base system as one of our contractors.

1.Your direct phone and fax numbers for easy communication
2. Your home and office address,
3. Photocopies of your Identification, i.e. your Drivers license, your
international passport or your national ID.

The information?s will enable me procure the contract certificate for the claim of this fund. This process will last for ten working days only. For your kind assistance I have decided to offer you 30% of the total amount, for providing to me your banking details where you would like this fund to be transferred and for your kind assistance, 5% has been map out for any expenses that we might incur during the process of this transfer. While the remaining 65% will be for my investment purposes, which I would seek your guidance to introduce to me a profitable business in your Country, because I have never been into any commercial business all my live. The banker has assured me that this transaction would be 100% risk free.

Thanking you in anticipation of your most urgent and positive response.

Yours faithfully,


I’m going to ignore the points and go straight to the glaring red flag. This email is asking you to help someone steal a rather large sum of cash. If you reply to it, you probably deserve what happens to you. And what would that be? Well, if you send in photocopies of your identification, your identity is sure to be sold for about 250 US dollars. It’s the picture ID’s that jack the price up so high. What happens then, takes years to clear up.

But you’re an honest person, and would never have helped this guy anyway. Even if he were being honest. Right?


I am Jon. Who are you?


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  1. They are at it again. I received an email stating that I had won “$1,000.000 (One Million United States Dollars.)” It states the amount exactly like that twice.
    I was reading it to my girlfriend laughing and making fun when she told me to Google the phone number. Do these guys use a real contact number hoping to talk people into believing their scam? The “Official Document” is on a .JPG so I cant cut and paste it and I am not up to copying this thing letter for letter and semicolon for semicolon.

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