Milkomeda – Galactic Mergers Getting Personal

The Milky Way Meets Andromeda

Yeah, you thought this was gonna be some serious ripping on huge corporate mergers, didn’t you?

Well, surprise! Thanks to Wordout’s time traveling superpowers, I instead present you with this short, 1 minute video, showing the eventual merger of the Milky Way with our nearest neighbor in the universe, Andromeda. Not to worry, there’s still somewhere around 4 or 5 billion years before we get there. But it sure is beautiful, from this far away…

What’s that? You wanted more? Well, do you have more than a minute but less than, say… seven? Check out this (Quicktime) movie, complete with a really nice soundtrack and multiple perspectives, courtesy of the University of Toronto, Canada. You’ll have to click and go there… Snap Shots doesn’t support Quicktime files yet. But it’s worth it, if you have the time.


I am Jon, and I’m heading over to Galaxy Zoo to find some real galactic mergers!

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  1. I feel bad for the small trail of stars that floats off into the blackness of space there towards the end. Maybe another galaxy will adopt them!

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