House Of Cards


Radiohead gets my vote.

They are consistently creative – from their 21st century business model (they gave away their last album) to making rock videos without cameras… they’re doing what common sense says cannot be done.

Garrick Schmitt

Radiohead is working to turn data visualization into an art form with its music video, “House of Cards.” Using neither cameras nor lights, the band employed two technologies called Geometric Informatics and Velodyne LIDAR to capture 3D data and transform it into a series of stunning images. Radiohead recently opened up the data to the world, in partnership with Google, to remix.

From Radiohead, without the use of cameras or lights, ‘House of Cards’…

Radiohead – House Of Cards

If you want to mess around with their data and come up with your own video, go HERE to get the data. After you’re done, you can upload your video HERE, at the HouseofCards group.

If I were bizarro Jon would I be noJ…?

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