Merry Christmas From Microsoft!

Microsoft Tuesday!

Like clockwork, on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, Microsoft releases its latest batch of security updates. This Tuesday brought a banner crop. According to the guys at F-Secure, there are at least 7 updates you might need, so if you haven’t updated yet, be sure to head over there and get fixed.

You’ll have to pull that old Internet Explorer out of the garage to get there. They’ve got guards at the gate who don’t like strange animals like Fire Foxes. But that’s okay. You need to take her out every now and then or else she’ll fall apart. And as closely tied to your Windows as she is, well, you just wouldn’t want that, I assure you.

In keeping with the transportation motif, I offer you this little puzzle. Those were the days, eh?


I am Jon, and I’m taking the old Explorer out for a drive… a short drive.


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