Public Sentiment Against The

Powers That Be

Some of you will think this video is in extremely poor taste, as it is pregnant to bursting with expletives you’ll wish were deleted.

Some of you will think this is funny – just some redneck from North Carolina, probably drunk or stoned, on a ratcheting rant.

Some of you might be tempted to actually pay attention the whole 7 minutes. Some of you might recognize that, however ill-equipped this guy is to be talking about the economy, you feel the same way.

Thanks to The Fly for pointing to this mess.

The Money Quote

“If Ben Bernanke prints one more dollar, I will bust his ass!”

I am a North Carolina native. My great-grandmother was Cherokee, and in these parts that’s about as native as you can get. My family has lived here for thousands of years.

In my birth-family of NC natives, we share about 35 years of ‘higher education’ between 7 of us. To put it bluntly: We ain’t un-edgicated.

I doubt this guy in the video is uneducated, either. What I don’t doubt is that he really is fed up with the Fed. What I don’t doubt is that his sentiment is shared by (literally) hundreds of thousands of folks across the nation.

What I don’t doubt – any more, anyway – is that those hundreds of thousands will grow to be millions, and they will want vengeance.

I am Jon, you see what I’m sayin’?