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Serendipity Rocks!

OK, so I’m sitting at the keyboard, doing what appears to folks around here as wasting the day (read: twitter). Things on tweetdeck had slowed down a bit, and I figured folks were eating dinner. So bored, I checked my emails, and the last one really caught my eye.

I have twitter setup to send an email whenever I get a direct message or reply on twitter. For me this only makes sense. If it’s a reply, then I must’ve asked a question or been a part of an ongoing conversation, and I’ll certainly want to keep up. If someone just out-of-the-blue sends me a message, I definitely want to know. To DM on twitter, you must be following the sender, and all the folks I follow are important to me. I want to hear them.

So when @Meryl333 shows up in my email, I want to read it. Strange thing was, this email was a twitter-generated copy of a reply she had sent to @petemoraites and it was just one word.


That’s what she said. Perfect.

Now, for those of you who don’t know Meryl, let me say by way of introduction that I have found her to be one of my favorite ‘Follows’ on twitter. Nearly every tweet has something that somebody somewhere might need. Alot of the time that would be me. (Thanks Meryl!) She gives information, inspiration and promotes honest interaction 100%. Plus she’s just plain smart. If you’re already on twitter follow her HERE.

Anyway, to say the least, I respect Meryl’s tweets, so I was interested in what was so ‘Perfect!’. I went to Pete’s twitter profile and found, in his bio, the hashtag #GROWFREEFOOD.

Grow Free Food!

That IS Perfect! What does a bag of seeds cost? Practically nothing!

Grow Free Food!

Just about any of us could spring for a couple of bags of seeds, or some young plants (“slips”, my grandma used to call them).

Grow Free Food!

Like Pete says:

grow free food at your church, and give generously to stabilize your community

don’t rely on unstable systms, plant seeds, grow free food

Grow Free Food!

Even if there were no economic crisis, this is just a great idea. Plant some today. It’s not rocket science and it’s not even a new idea – there’s a guy somewhere around Reidsville who brings tons of potatoes he grows on his farm, to be taken freely by anyone at all. He’s been doing this for years, for free.

Grow free food. The hunger you stave just may be your own.

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  1. We’re so used to the convenience of grocery stores, one stop shopping I think we all forget one of the best ways to cut costs and help others. Do it yourself- from scratch. Sure, you can cook instead of eating out, but it would definitely be healthier and cheaper to grow your own produce. I might have to give a small garden a try!

  2. Planting some tomato plants out near the road, planning to put up a “Free Maters” sign… maybe some lettuce as well.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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