$700 Billion Bailout Was Not For US

Economic War?

Below is a really short video from Karl Denninger, which he originally produced early in October, just as we were preparing the huge bailout that Paulson and Bernanke were forcing on us. Takes less than 2 minutes and you will learn alot.

Sold Out By Our Own People

So the entire original bailout was never intended to go to US companies. Hundreds of billions of dollars – all of it to bailout foreign investors.

To be fair, if that word has any meaning in this midst of this mess, the final bill only promised $350 billion would go to the foreign investors, with the other $350 billion going to American companies to ‘free up the credit markets’. (That link will take you another YouTube video by Karl Denninger, showing Neil Kashkari being questioned by Congress. It’s an excellent video showing Kashkari and Paulson and even Senator Issa being caught barefaced in blatant lies.)

I am Jon, and that, as they say, is just the tip of the iceberg.

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