These Are A Promise

We’d been together for some years and I thought what the hey–I bet Trish aka @trishlarimer would love a new ring. The only one I’d bought her was a nice little 18k gold dinner ring with little emerald stones. She wears it occasionally…

I was thinking she’d like something in 24k gold. Maybe one of those Crown rings I’d seen on the website.

Trish had other thoughts on the matter. She patiently perused every ring on the site, ooo-ing and ahhh-ing at several of them before identifying the fatal flaw in each which meant she couldn’t have it.

So I asked her what kind of ring she would like, and she had no trouble at all finding these.

Beautiful, aren’t they? These images were made this week, after we’ve been wearing them daily for a couple of months.

Not possessing a flair for jewelry I chose the narrow band and Trish of course chose the traditional wide band. Mine weighs in a bit over seven grams and hers at a hefty eleven-plus. When you wear gold, you know it. It’s heavy.

We love these rings. To us they’re a symbol of both the permanence and the purity of our commitment to each other. As she said when we first laid eyes on them: These are not an investment–they are a promise.

I’d meant to post this a while back but Life. Thanks to @goldmatters for reminding me!